Message From the Pastor


With the arrival of Easter on April 20th we will sing the glorious words, “Christ the Lord is risen today!  Alleluia!”  In prayer and reflection we will celebrate resurrection – the new life God offers humanity not only in the eternal realm but also in this present time.  As the hymn goes on to proclaim, “God has opened paradise.  Alleluia!”

Of course, before those words flow in glorious song we will move through the events of Holy Week together.  Marking those occasions is an important part of our Easter celebration for it is with these more somber reflections we fully appreciate what we find in the empty tomb.  By listening to the words of scripture describing the trial, execution, and death of Jesus on Good Friday we face the     reality that the One we call Savior and Lord was rejected by the world.  With that knowledge we contemplate how we, too, reject God’s presence in our lives.  How is it that we turn away from the Spirit of love and grace?  When do we choose to ignore the compassion of Christ?

With the days of Lent still unfolding these are questions I find      running through my mind.  I consider them prayerfully, not in a self-deprecating way but rather in a manner that helps me to be more open to God’s transforming love and call to service.  This is a season, after all, that invites us to confess our failings and recommit ourselves to the beauty and hope of the Christian life! 

And that is why I hope you will consider attending the Sunday and special worship services in these upcoming weeks.  This is a time we seek renewal and grace together.  With the light shining from the empty tomb we live as God’s creation, proclaiming to the world, “God is good!  God’s love never ends!  Alleluia!” 

With gratitude and prayerful hope from the Rev. Dr. Lael Atkinson