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At Payson Park Church, we celebrate two sacraments – baptism and communion. A sacrament is something sacred, or holy, and has special significance for Christians.

Baptism is an act of the church by which an individual is welcomed in a special way into the Christian community and becomes a member of the Church, the Body of Christ. With the visible, outward sign of water, the church recognizes an inward grace—new life in Christ. During the ritual of baptism, both the one being baptized and the whole church have the opportunity to experience the reality of God’s freely given grace and love as promises are exchanged between the church and the one being baptized (or their parents). Baptism welcomes and connects us to the family of God, a world-wide community of disciples of all ages and races. In the baptism of infants, we acknowledge that children are part of God’s covenant—or promise—with humanity. When these children are older, they are invited through our Confirmation program to make their own profession of faith in Christ, affirming the faith into which they were baptized.

Communion is the other sacrament of Payson Park Church. It is a special time when Christians share bread and wine (grape juice) together and remember Jesus. During the last meal that Jesus had with his friends before he was crucified, he took a loaf of bread and a cup of wine and shared it with them, asking them to remember him every time they shared bread and drank wine together. As followers of Jesus, we still do that today. This sacrament is known by different names in different churches. The most common are: Holy Communion (signifying that the bread and wine draw us close to each other and to God), the Eucharist (meaning “thanksgiving”), and the Lord’s Supper (signifying that this is the “family meal” of those who follow Jesus

In the sacrament of Communion, the church acts out the drama of God’s love for humankind. God’s grace comes to us through things we can see and touch and taste. In Communion, God comes to us in the bread and the wine (sometimes called “elements”), symbols that we can touch and taste. We bring to the table bread and wine, which represent our daily life and work. We receive back again the bread and wine, now transformed by God’s Spirit into symbols of God’s love and grace.

At Payson Park Church, children join the congregation periodically throughout the year for Communion.


The good news of an approaching wedding is reason for celebration at Payson Park Church among the entire congregation. We are glad to help you plan for a service of Christian marriage.

From the perspective of faith, we understand that a wedding is the result of more than just a good fortune or good planning. In the church we affirm that the relationship committed to through marriage is a gift from God, and for that blessing we give thanks.

At the heart of the wedding is the exchange of vows. The service itself is often called a "Covenant of Marriage." A covenant is an exchange of promises reminding us of a biblical agreement grounded in faithfulness and forgiveness. For these reasons, at Payson Park Church we approach weddings with an attitude of joy, gratitude and hope.

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For more information about memorial services at Payson Park Church, please contact the pastor at 617-484-1542.

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