Church Life

Payson Park Church is honored to be able to financially support the following organizations:

•    Andover Newton Theological School
•    Back Bay Mission
•    Belmont Food Pantry
•    Bristol Lodge Food Kitchen
•    Church World Service
•    City Mission Society
•    Congregational Library
•    Cottage Hill Academy
•    Eden Theological Seminary
•    Guild for Human Services
•    Heifer International
•    H.O.M.E., Inc.
•    Marshall Home Fund
•    Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless
•    Outdoor Church of Cambridge
•    Perkins School for the Blind
•    Pilgrim Church, Dorchester, MA
•    REACH
•    Seafarer’s Friend
•    Second Step
•    Walker Center
•    Watertown Family Network
•    Watertown Food Pantry

Beyond our normal contribution to the United Church of Christ and the Massachusetts Conference of the UCC, Payson Park Church also donates to One Great Hour of Sharing, Neighbors in Need, and the Christmas Fund.

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One Great Hour of Sharing - Lenten Offering
Posted: Feb 24 2015 - 1:16pm

One Great Hour of Sharing is the Lenten offering of  the United Church of Christ that supports disaster, refugee and development, and often referred to as mission.

One Great Hour of Sharing is an offering that makes the love of Christ real for individuals and communities around the world who suffer the effects of disaster, conflict, or severe economic hardship, and for those who serve them through gifts of money and time. Today, projects are underway in more than 100 countries, including the United States and Canada.  While specific allocations differ in each denomination, all use their One Great Hour of Sharing funds to make possible disaster relief, refugee assistance, development aid and more.

Giving changes many things for the receivers and the  givers.  By sharing our resources, combined with those from thousands of other churches in eight denominations across the United States in One Great Hour of    Sharing, we become active partners in helping people in need around the world and areas impacted by disasters in America.  Our gifts are used to:

  • build homes, schools, medical clinics, and clean water and sewage facilities in villages devastated by earthquakes, floods, and poverty
  • provide safety, shelter, and food to refugees after often violent circumstances make their communities uninhabitable
  • nurture stronger futures and self sufficiency through health care, education, and tools for livelihoods.

These bring survival, new beginnings, hope and the knowledge that we care for others. We are blessed that God is able to provide when and where help is needed through our giving. (2 Corinthians 9:8-15)

Please support this work with your generous gifts to the United Church of Christ One Great Hour of Sharing    Lenten Offering, Sunday, March 15th.            

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