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Building Christ’s Community: the Process & Importance of Pledging

 At Payson Park Church, we understand that Christ calls us to live a life of generosity. Payson Park Church needs the help of all its members and friends to support our mission work, operating expenses, and building fund. While we welcome all contributions to the church, including time and talent monetary contributions are a vitally important part of how each of us supports the ministry of this local church, ensuring that God’s love is shared both locally and abroad and the Christian faith passed on to future generations. Most of our members and friends respond to this need by making an annual financial pledge to the church. Below are some frequently asked questions about pledging.

Why should I pledge?

Pledging money to support the programs and mission of Payson Park Church helps us to make a commitment to God in a very concrete manner. As believers seeking “to walk in the ways of Jesus,” our financial support of Payson Park Church gives clear witness to our source of hope and to our dedication to the Christian story of love and reconciliation. Pledging also allows us to plan our budget appropriately. While all contributions to Payson Park Church are appreciated, a formal pledge allows us to make decisions about how we allocate our funds. Your faithful stewardship helps us be better stewards together.

How many people pledge at Payson Park Church?

Last year, nearly three-quarters of our members made a formal pledge. A “pledge unit” can represent either an individual or family’s financial commitment to the church. Each year we hope to increase the number of pledge units as a way of showing our unified commitment to the church at this time. One hundred percent participation is our goal!

Who knows about our pledges?

Pledging is highly confidential at Payson Park Church. The Assistant Treasurer is the only person aware of the pledge information. Data regarding the number of pledge units, average and total amount of pledges, etc. is discussed within the Finance Committee for stewardship and budget planning purposes as necessary. In those discussions, personal information and pledge amounts are never revealed.

What happens if a pledge is not fulfilled as promised?

If someone makes a pledge that cannot be fulfilled, no action is taken. Rather, in the spirit of grace with which we share in community life together, a person’s decision not to fully fund their pledge is respected and held in strict confidence. In the case where the amount given is greater than pledged, it is greatly appreciated. Increased giving helps us meet our budget as, invariably; unanticipated expenses are incurred throughout the year.

How do I pledge?

Pledge cards are available on the table outside of the Sanctuary. The card lists the areas in which you may pledge and the amount you are committing to give. There are three categories listed: Current Expenses, Mission & Outreach and the Building Fund.

A formal Stewardship program is organized by the Finance Committee annually, resulting in a Stewardship campaign and Stewardship Sunday where you can mail or drop your pledge card in the offering plate. This special Sunday is held at the end of each year and the pledged monies are used for the ensuing year.

Thank you for being part of Payson Park Church. Your contributions are changing the lives of countless people within and beyond our walls.

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