Who We Are

Our Values

We are a warm, friendly, and faith-filled church. Here we experience the joys and challenges of journeying together on the road of faith. Here we are challenged and inspired to learn from Christ’s life and teachings and become forces for good in the world.

We are a caring and generous church. We recognize that all people have both needs and gifts. Through our Mission & Outreach programs, we share with each other and with our neighbors near and far that which we have been given.

We are a diverse church. A lively mix of people call this church home: professionals and tradespeople, the wealthy and those of modest means, conservative, liberal, single, married and partnered, old and young. Here you will meet young families, retirees, former Catholics, people from other Protestant denominations and those with no previous church background.

We are a curious church. As a community of believers, we gather to be informed and transformed—to hear God’s word proclaimed and to respond in worship of the one who created all there is and all there might yet be.

We are a traditional church in the sense that the focus of our life together is Sunday worship, a time when we gather to worship God, share our gifts, and renew ties with friends.

We are an open and welcoming church. We welcome all regardless of race, class, ancestry, ability, martial status, or sexual orientation. No matter who you are or where you are on faith’s journey, you are welcome at Payson Park Church.

Our Mission

Payson Park Church's Mission Statement reads: “We believe God is calling us to walk in the ways of Jesus Christ and to bear witness to the Gospel through worship and service, empowered by the Holy Spirit.”

Our Denomination

We are a member of the United Church of Christ, Metropolitan Boston Association, and Payson Park Church is an independent, democratic body.

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Mission & Outreach

Children & Youth